NYX Cosmetics- Lipsticks and Jumbo Pencil in Photos

photored2photopink2,3photopink3photo nyx lippy

NYX Lipstick MLS 18 (Red) I always find it difficult to fall in love with a red colour but I think this works with me quite well. One of my favs at the moment.

MLS 17 (top left) This colour is the darkest of the pinks and  bit more subtle. It’s more of a purply pink.  MLS 02 (bottom right) is vibrant and stands out more. I think both the colours are great, can’t decide between the two in the mornings!


photo jumbo blackphotosmokey debphotosmokey deb3photosmokey deb2

Black Jumbo Pencil- Quick Smokey Eye

photo nyx jumbpphoto (21)

White Jumbo Pencil- As you can see the colour stands out more on my left eye where I have used the pencil as a base. The colour is definitely more vibrant on the left than on the right.

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IMATS(4)NYX Cosmetics

photo nyx clear

As we were walking around the show, I noticed a long queue for one make up brand in particular, NYX. Now I didn’t have a clue about this brand but I queued up anyway (never one to miss out!). I’m glad I did as I was not disappointed.

They are a very popular, affordable make up brand and most important of all their make up is amazing.

Other people I got talking to were showing me their NYX favourite’s. So I’ve written for you a few NYX must haves:

White Jumbo Eye Pencil- This was recommended by a fellow make up artist who uses it as a base for eye shadows. I was encouraged by the fact she told me it really brings out  colour particularly in brown skins (purchased). Really makes a difference tried it myself.

photo nyx jumbp

Black Jumbo Pencil- excellent for a quick smokey eye

photo jumbo black

Matte Lipsticks- Very long lasting and not too matte if you know what I mean. Usually I find with matte lipsticks  that my lips dry out very quickly. I don’t have this problem with this lipstick at all. Favourite matte at the moment.

photo nyx lippy

(L to R)
MLS 18, MLS 02, MLS 17


Lip pencils-Stocked up a load on these and at £2.50(trade show discount) who can blame me! Standard Retail price is £3.

nyx pencil

(L to R)
827, 808, 831, 848



photonux 3

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IMATS (2)- LA Splash: Eye Primer

photo (99)

With Primer, Without primer – Can you guess?


The difference is immense! The eye primer we brought was from a brand called LA Splash. You can see how intense and strong the colour is with primer. It is a vibrant change, can’t recommend enough.

Proof is in the pudding peeps.

Link: http://lasplashcosmetics.com

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