IMATS(4)NYX Cosmetics

photo nyx clear

As we were walking around the show, I noticed a long queue for one make up brand in particular, NYX. Now I didn’t have a clue about this brand but I queued up anyway (never one to miss out!). I’m glad I did as I was not disappointed.

They are a very popular, affordable make up brand and most important of all their make up is amazing.

Other people I got talking to were showing me their NYX favourite’s. So I’ve written for you a few NYX must haves:

White Jumbo Eye Pencil- This was recommended by a fellow make up artist who uses it as a base for eye shadows. I was encouraged by the fact she told me it really brings out  colour particularly in brown skins (purchased). Really makes a difference tried it myself.

photo nyx jumbp

Black Jumbo Pencil- excellent for a quick smokey eye

photo jumbo black

Matte Lipsticks- Very long lasting and not too matte if you know what I mean. Usually I find with matte lipsticks  that my lips dry out very quickly. I don’t have this problem with this lipstick at all. Favourite matte at the moment.

photo nyx lippy

(L to R)
MLS 18, MLS 02, MLS 17


Lip pencils-Stocked up a load on these and at £2.50(trade show discount) who can blame me! Standard Retail price is £3.

nyx pencil

(L to R)
827, 808, 831, 848

photonux 3

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