Meet the Girls

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(Left to Right)

Yvonne was a bit of a tomboy before we corrupted her with all things pink and girly. We channelled her feminine prowess in this shoot and I must say she did pretty damn well. Yvonne is actually new to the whole make up game,  in fact, she actually brought her first foundation this year (I know!)-what the hell has she  been doing all this time! She is obsessed with it now and always bluntly tells me when what I’m experimenting with is not looking good!(thank you ever so much)

The youngest of the house full of girls is Phoebe. We call her the pampered Princess and she really lives up to the nickname. Her make up selection is bigger than mine and she too has even schooled me on some products (I know she is happy that I’ve admitted this). She loves fashion and make up, definitely a girls girl-always trying to persuade my Mum for money for her latest fads which is currently £100 eyelashes! (it’s not happening love).

Last but not least, me, Debbi. I am the ”wisest” (no need to mention age)and tiniest of the three. I love love love colour, am overly obsessed with lipstick, and need help for my unhealthy relationship with shoes (it’s serious). I started House Full of Girls because, well I live in a house full of girls.

I recently left Beauty School and during my time there, my sisters always helped me when I needed to practice and better my skills. As they say ‘practice makes perfect’ and without their help I wouldn’t have been able to do it. From Skin Care to make up (even waxing), they were semi- willing volunteers! And this blog is the follow up to our journey into this world.  We are just sharing little snippets of some of the things we like to try, who knows where it will take us, we just hope you enjoy and support us along the way. Vice versa, we are keen to support others like ourselves so if you are young girl doing your thing let us know- we would love to feature you.


Headband: New Look £5 Dress: Debenhams £50