Wig Wig Wigs


They are so on trend right now that even our favourite white celebs are admitting to wearing them.

So what happened to cause this big shift in perception you may ask…?

Because I think it all started with the natural hair movement. It has literally taken over and women really want to take care of their hair.

I don’t think thats a bad thing, infact I encourage it, just make sure your using natural hair products and not the cheap knock offs of ‘argan oil’ they sometimes sell in the dodgy hair shops.

And if you are looking for a secure, perfectly fitting, beautiful wig piece. Head over to our site and view our new selection. We got that Brazilian wavy for ya.

Website: https://housefullofgirls.wixsite.com/mysite or

Email: housefullofgirls@yahoo.co.uk

Funky, Quirky, Retro…

IMG_1059.jpgYesterday I came across some cool retro print dresses on the Missguided website and I didn’t know what to do because I wanted them all!!! (Heart says yes..YES! Money says NO.) So deep.

I am due to start shooting my music video in a few weeks for my new single ‘Lethal,’ (it’s a hot one) and I’m looking for outfits with a bit of flavour to fit the theme.

Tell me what you think of them-Yay or Nay?

And if you fancy the outfits for yourself, click on the link below, I’m sure you’ll get stuck for choice like I was : www.missguided.co.uk/orange-animal-print-front-split-maxi-skirt

I will be sharing with you over the next few weeks some of the ideas we are working on for the video, so you will have a little inside info before the finished project!

Love x

Say NO to Contouring


If you’re like me and you pretty much like to get up and go on the morning,  you do not have time to spend 2 hours doing your make up.

I like to keep it simple. Simple is good. Let’s go back to the days when it was easy.

My simple tools? Just some Bobby Brown foundation Almond 7 and Nude Mac Cream Sheen  with some L’Oréal Volume Million Mascara.

Most of the time I use the Mac NW45 powder foundation or just bare my skin.

Nice ‘n’ easy.

Glasses -facebook.com/hfogs

Hoop Earrings – facebook.com/hfogs

Nicki Minaj- Mac Viva Glam Lipgloss

photo (24)

Love this lipgloss, brought this for the bright summer months and it did me just fine.

It applies beautifully and you don’t need to add any lipstick just to get more colour. Tastes of vanilla and stays on your lips without fading.

Was definitely a worthwhile purchase but not sure if they have this range in stores anymore. Hope they do because I want more!

House Full of Girls.

In the House: Jackie-Cool Nail Chick


Whilst shopping in Croydon a few weeks back, I came across a young girl with some fierce nails.

As I was so impressed I had ask her where she got them done but it actually turned out that she did them herself. Her Aztec designs were amazing!

As my birthday was coming up I invited her over to test out some funky patterns. Here are a few pics of what she did for me.

Will definitely be inviting her to the House Full of Girls again!

Instagram:  @adj__joynails92

House Full of Girls.


Fashion: The Stylist’s Rail Wardrobe Sale

photo (22)

House Full of Girls and Make Up Mole will be heading to the The Stylist’s Rail Wardrobe Sale this weekend!

Whilst the stylists are clearing away, we will gladly be picking up.  Curious as to what we will find…

Just thinking it’s ironic the event is held just after pay day though!

Smart thinking.

House Full of Girls.

Fashion: Sunshine, Parties & Sleek Mystique


We at the the House Full of Girls, all strongly and passionately agree, you can never go wrong with sleek mystique. It was  our colour of the weekend, we all rocked it!

Phoebe rocked it to a house party with her funky coloured  top from H&M and teamed it with some high waisted jeans.


Yvonne wore it with her sexy black dress from Asos to hit the clubs. Really like the cut out detail in the arm.


I wore it with my floaty, patterned H&M top and some very short shorts. (well it was hot!) Had to enjoy the sunshine 🙂


House Full of Girls.

Yvonne Dress Asos

Phoebe Top & High Waist Jeans H&M

Debbi Top H&M, Shorts Topshop

IMATS (3)-Make up Designory ( MUD)

Now I have never seen this make up brand before but I have to say I was very impressed by the quality of their product. We were curious about their cream foundations and were a bit disappointed to discover their limited range for women of colour. However my opinion changed when we were given an impressive demonstration of how their product could work for us.

photo (98)

MuD foundations are made up of 55% pigmentation! Not only that, they are silicone based meaning that when mixed with a water based product i.e a primer, it’s soluble (blends together smoothly unlike oil based products)

The smoothness and application ease was second to none, it literally melted into the skin. Flawless application.

The lady demonstrating even went on to say the longest she had worn the product was 3 days, without it coming off! (not sure if this is a good or bad thing)

However if you are looking for a foundation with long staying power then this is it!

Link: http://www.mud.edu/School-Site-2013/press.html

London: Sold in Precious about Make Up, Shepherds Bush

House Full of Girls.

IMATS(1)- What a Day!

photo main hal lmats

There were so many stalls I didn’t know where to begin but I soon found my feet and was pleased by my discoveries . I was excited by the wonderful array of brands not very well known in the UK.

It was an eye opening experience and I realised that there is so much choice out there. If you look hard enough you will discover something amazing.

Here are a few snippets of our day:

 Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics 


Lip Tar by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics– it literally is tar!
I love the fluorescent colour. Comes out exactly as it is on the package and has long lasting stay (which is not common in lip gloss) highly recommended
£11.50 Selfridges


photo inglot make up 2

Large selection of blushers, foundations and eye shadows. Tried some blushers, just wasn’t for me.


Make up Atelier Paris

photo make up atelier

Make up Atelier Paris
I was impressed by their large selection of foundations. It’s nice to see brands showing consideration for all women with a variety of shades to choose from. Make up mole couldn’t get over their waterproof foundation!


Main Stage

photo imats presentation

Keynotes Speakers
Einat Dan took to the stage. She has worked for Valentino, Fendi and teaches International Masterclasses


NYX Cosmetics

NYX Cosmetics Really impressed by this brand. Hopefully they will be on the UK High Street this year *fingers crossed*

NYX Cosmetics
Really impressed by this brand. Hopefully they will be on the UK High Street this year *fingers crossed*


Make up mole and the miraculous stranger

Make up mole was magically made up by a make up genius in the NYX queue. He literally whipped out his brush and some bright green eye shadow that he’d just brought  and performed a miracle. Will definitely be visiting him in Liverpool. Micheal Perks is the name.

Make up mole was magically made up by a make up genius in the NYX queue. He literally whipped out his brush with some bright green eye shadow he’d just brought and performed a miracle! Will definitely be visiting him in Liverpool.


My Birthday is coming up soon and minx lashes are looking like the real  deal. Handmade and oh so glamorous!

Aura Lashes
My Birthday is coming up soon and minx lashes are looking like the real
deal. Handmade and oh so glamorous!


End of Day Me, Makeup Mole and my fabulous mum with all our shopping bags. Had a lovely day xx

End of Day
Me, Makeup Mole and my fabulous Mum with all our shopping bags. Had a lovely day xx


House Full of Girls.

Make Up Buys-MAC Up the Amp, Candy Yumm Yumm, Viva Glam (Special Ed)

photo (85)

Here are some colours we brought from MAC that I promised to show you. MAC Candy Yum Yum, MAC Up the Amp, MAC Viva Glam Nicki (Special Edition)

Now I don’t know about you but I love love love all of them!

My favourite is the bright pink Candy Yumm Yumm-  I just love how it pops! Yvonne rocked this colour hard in the previous post, really looked amazing on her skin.

What’s your favourite colour out of the three?

House Full of Girls.

Left to Right.

Up the Amp, Candy Yum Yum, Viva Glam Nicki (Special Ed.)