In the House: Jackie-Cool Nail Chick


Whilst shopping in Croydon a few weeks back, I came across a young girl with some fierce nails.

As I was so impressed I had ask her where she got them done but it actually turned out that she did them herself. Her Aztec designs were amazing!

As my birthday was coming up I invited her over to test out some funky patterns. Here are a few pics of what she did for me.

Will definitely be inviting her to the House Full of Girls again!

Instagram:  @adj__joynails92

House Full of Girls.


Lipstick- MAC Candy Yum Yum

photo (83)

Mac Candy Yum Yum, one of the colours I brought today whilst shopping in Croydon.

Now initially the girls were very hesitant to try it as they thought it was too bright and after some some very much needed persuasion, I got them to come round.

I must say it looks LUSH! (tastes nice too-vanilla scented). It literally pops -Love it!

Look out for some of the other colours coming soon.

House Full of Girls.

Makeup: Me