Say NO to Contouring


If you’re like me and you pretty much like to get up and go on the morning,  you do not have time to spend 2 hours doing your make up.

I like to keep it simple. Simple is good. Let’s go back to the days when it was easy.

My simple tools? Just some Bobby Brown foundation Almond 7 and Nude Mac Cream Sheen  with some L’Oréal Volume Million Mascara.

Most of the time I use the Mac NW45 powder foundation or just bare my skin.

Nice ‘n’ easy.


Hoop Earrings –

New Year- New Beginnings

IMG_1415 Make Up Mole will be taking the reigns in the year while I’m out learning about what really goes into your favourite cosmetic products. No worries I will pop in from time to time to let you guys know how I’m getting on and post a few selfies ha! The other girls will feature with make up looks, beauty products and trends in the industry whilst make up mole will regularly feature her large hauls and special buys. We will also be setting up a new Instagram account this year so check it out! Hope you all enjoy what 2014 has to bring! x House Full of Girls.

In the House: Jackie-Cool Nail Chick


Whilst shopping in Croydon a few weeks back, I came across a young girl with some fierce nails.

As I was so impressed I had ask her where she got them done but it actually turned out that she did them herself. Her Aztec designs were amazing!

As my birthday was coming up I invited her over to test out some funky patterns. Here are a few pics of what she did for me.

Will definitely be inviting her to the House Full of Girls again!

Instagram:  @adj__joynails92

House Full of Girls.


Fashion: The Stylist’s Rail Wardrobe Sale

photo (22)

House Full of Girls and Make Up Mole will be heading to the The Stylist’s Rail Wardrobe Sale this weekend!

Whilst the stylists are clearing away, we will gladly be picking up.  Curious as to what we will find…

Just thinking it’s ironic the event is held just after pay day though!

Smart thinking.

House Full of Girls.

Fashion: Sunshine, Parties & Sleek Mystique


We at the the House Full of Girls, all strongly and passionately agree, you can never go wrong with sleek mystique. It was  our colour of the weekend, we all rocked it!

Phoebe rocked it to a house party with her funky coloured  top from H&M and teamed it with some high waisted jeans.


Yvonne wore it with her sexy black dress from Asos to hit the clubs. Really like the cut out detail in the arm.


I wore it with my floaty, patterned H&M top and some very short shorts. (well it was hot!) Had to enjoy the sunshine 🙂


House Full of Girls.

Yvonne Dress Asos

Phoebe Top & High Waist Jeans H&M

Debbi Top H&M, Shorts Topshop

In the House: Prom Edition

photo (20)photo (19)

Sakile was In the House today.

She was getting made up for her friends prom and I have to say she looked absolutely beautiful. I love the Dark Glamour. That’s what I’m going to call it. She pulled it off really well so I got her to send me some snaps.


Reminds me off my prom, which I never quite made it to.

Got my parents to drop me off right outside then went clubbing in London. They weren’t too happy when they found out!

House Full of Girls.

Make up: Me

Dress: Mango

Earrings: Bonita

Fashion- Casual Wear

photo (84)

Little Phebs on her way to college this morning.

Well that’s what she says but I don’t quite believe her. That made up and going to college?

Back in my day (I’m showing my age here) we would never get away with dressing like that and she goes to the same college I did (hmm). From what I remember we had to wear uniform so…‘fess up little lady!

Nevertheless, I do like the denim, jeggings and the nikeys brightened up with a big statement necklace.


House Full of Girls.

Denim Jacket:

Jeggings: Zara

Grey Tee: H&M

Make up Mole- Buks


This girl has so much information in her brain, I do not know how she contains it- literally!

If you are looking for a deal, good places to shop or alternative options for make up…she will know!

The Make Up mole will be featuring regularly on our blog for hints and tips when you need it.

Watch out for her ladies,.

House Full of Girls.

House Full of Girls


What happens in a house full of girls?

Well in our house we spend sunny afternoons delightfully plucking beautiful flowers from the garden. We conjure up delicious home cooked recipes that we absolutely love to share together. We always lend our clothes with kindness and most cherished of all, never argue.


Of course we argue, steal each others clothes, shoes and especially make up! We do not cook for one another, although we might ( I might) occasionally be in a good mood and offer to tong someone’s hair (this is not often).

Nevertheless, although we have our usual problems, which I’m sure you can all agree is normal…we learn a lot from each other. Whether it be the latest fashion, jewellery or make up trend, we keep each other up to date and that’s the great thing about living in a house full of girls.