Funky, Quirky, Retro…

IMG_1059.jpgYesterday I came across some cool retro print dresses on the Missguided website and I didn’t know what to do because I wanted them all!!! (Heart says yes..YES! Money says NO.) So deep.

I am due to start shooting my music video in a few weeks for my new single ‘Lethal,’ (it’s a hot one) and I’m looking for outfits with a bit of flavour to fit the theme.

Tell me what you think of them-Yay or Nay?

And if you fancy the outfits for yourself, click on the link below, I’m sure you’ll get stuck for choice like I was :

I will be sharing with you over the next few weeks some of the ideas we are working on for the video, so you will have a little inside info before the finished project!

Love x

In the House: Jackie-Cool Nail Chick


Whilst shopping in Croydon a few weeks back, I came across a young girl with some fierce nails.

As I was so impressed I had ask her where she got them done but it actually turned out that she did them herself. Her Aztec designs were amazing!

As my birthday was coming up I invited her over to test out some funky patterns. Here are a few pics of what she did for me.

Will definitely be inviting her to the House Full of Girls again!

Instagram:  @adj__joynails92

House Full of Girls.


24th Birthday Blues…oh, and some Laser Therapy


Red Velvet Birthday Cupcakes


Hey guys, long time no see. I know I have been away for a while but since I have turned 24 my life has been hectic. They don’t tell you that it doesn’t get any easier!

I celebrated my birthday with some family and friends and now I am currently prepping to go back to Beauty School- yayy!

I will be studying Laser Therapy this month and will be needing some new test subjects…hmmm.

As my sisters, my usual test subjects are unavailable, I will be offering half price laser therapy to anyone that needs it – anything to help you girls out (no thanks needed)

So if any of you ladies want or know of anyone that wants half price Laser Treatment, please let me know.

The treatments will take place in London, Farringdon . If you are interested and want more information my contact email is

House Full of Girls.

IMATS (3)-Make up Designory ( MUD)

Now I have never seen this make up brand before but I have to say I was very impressed by the quality of their product. We were curious about their cream foundations and were a bit disappointed to discover their limited range for women of colour. However my opinion changed when we were given an impressive demonstration of how their product could work for us.

photo (98)

MuD foundations are made up of 55% pigmentation! Not only that, they are silicone based meaning that when mixed with a water based product i.e a primer, it’s soluble (blends together smoothly unlike oil based products)

The smoothness and application ease was second to none, it literally melted into the skin. Flawless application.

The lady demonstrating even went on to say the longest she had worn the product was 3 days, without it coming off! (not sure if this is a good or bad thing)

However if you are looking for a foundation with long staying power then this is it!


London: Sold in Precious about Make Up, Shepherds Bush

House Full of Girls.